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OLT Is A Photoelectric Device

Edit: Shenzhen first led ebay co ltd    2017-10-22 09:39

       OLT is an important central office equipment, which implements the function is: 1, and the top (convergence layer) switches connected with the network cable, the bottom with a single fiber and the client side of the optical splitter interconnection. 2, to achieve the client device ONU control, management, OLT ranging and other functions. 3, OLT equipment and ONU equipment, but also optoelectronic devices.

      The role of the OLT is to provide an interface with the local switch (sink layer switch) for the access network and to communicate with the ONU of the optical network unit of the client through optical transmission. It is the exchange of exchange functions and user access completely separated. OLT The optical line terminal provides maintenance and monitoring of the ONU on its own and the client device. It can be placed directly with the local switch in the switch office (ie, the room) or on the remote side (such as corridor).

      OLT on the central room, it can be seen as an L2 switch or L3 routing switch. In the upstream direction, the OLT will provide a GE optical / electrical interface in the upstream direction. The OLT will provide the optical fiber interface for the passive optical fiber network (ODN). OLT In the upstream direction, the OLT will provide the GE optical / electrical interface. After the 10Gbit / s Ethernet technology standard is finalized, the OLT will Support Gigabit interface. In order to provide multi-service access, OLT can also support E1 and OC3 interface, to achieve the traditional voice access or circuit relay business.

        In the EPON network management, OLT is the main control center, built-in OAMP Agent, you can manage the PON under the ONU terminal equipment, network management to achieve the five functions. EPON network management through the DBA to define the user bandwidth parameters to control the user's quality of service, OLT through the preparation of access control list ACL to achieve network security control, by reading the MIB library to obtain system status and user status information, but also to provide effective User isolation

OLT (Optical Line Terminal) - optical line terminal, OLT in the EPON system work process, OLT is mainly responsible for the function and operation:

1, generate a timestamp message for the system reference time

2, through the MPCP frame allocation bandwidth

3, the distance measurement operation

4, control ONU registration



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