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ONU To Meet The Needs Of Transmission

Edit: Shenzhen first led ebay co ltd    2017-10-22 09:41

     ONU Optical Network Unit, translated into optical network unit, generally refers to the equipment including optical receiver optical receiver, upstream optical transmitter light transmitter, ONU a number of bridge amplifier network monitoring equipment. Various models of ONU downlink network similar to the interface differences and slightly different, depending on the specific application of flexible configuration.

The ONU is divided into active optical network unit and passive optical network unit.

ONU function

1, in response to the OLT issued by the ranging and power control commands; and make the appropriate adjustments;

2. Select to receive the broadcast data sent by the OLT;

3, the user's Ethernet data cache, ONU and in the OLT distribution of the send window to the uplink direction.

Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 / 802.3ah

Receive sensitivity up to -25.5dBm

Transmit power up to -1 to +4 dBm

Single fiber to provide data, IPTV, voice and other services, the real "triple-play"

ONU usage rules

EPON optical path is qualified, ONU whether to meet the transmission needs only one rule, according to the rules to refine a few points of attention.

1 generally can not directly connected to the fiber ONU, need to add a beam splitter or attenuator, to avoid ONU received light intensity than the ONU light received saturation optical power -3dBm;

2 where the maximum optical attenuation can not be less than -24dBm, ONU otherwise the optical power is less than the ONU receiving sensitivity, OLT can not find ONU. Note that these places are not necessarily the most distant, light attenuation value is not completely and distance-related, the key factor is the optical path through the splitter splitting ratio.

3 optical engineering acceptance is very critical, strongly recommended to do. ONU To ensure compliance with our rules, because the actual project is often not standardized, will cause too much optical path loss and theoretical calculation model difference is too large;

Note: -8dBm is taken into account the difference between the light attenuation value between the ONU can not be too large, every ONU optical power as even as possible distribution, ONU the last penultimate, two optical splitter recommended 50:50 and 25:75 splitter.

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